printrbot Playv2
FAT TUESDAY 2019  The Play v2 was a short run model in the waning days of printrbot.
Kind of a Frankenstein if you will, designed with an enlarged frame (200X150X200) based on the Play.
Linear rails on X,Y axis and an (optional heated) spring steel bed system from the Simple Pro.
Gearhead extruder and supposedly better USB-B F6 board, although in this case
printrbot apparently felt it ok to ship with a micro USB F6.
Based on information gathered from the forums, this may be one of the few if not only example
of this model to have actually shipped.
This kit has set still packaged & unassembled since arrival mid-summer 2018.

Mid March 2019 It's about time I guess...However don't get your expectations all riled up.
The plan is to take my time for assembly, just because.

Pay close attention here and I'll let you in on a guilty little secret.
I woke up back in Jan 2019 and discovered there were 5 printerbots here.
How that happened is beyond comprehension. What The! ... yea, I know.
Sooo...I gifted a Play and returned a NIB redonkulously inexpensive Simple Pro to Amazon.
Wait a minute, back up...did I say 5 ?
Ummm...if there are still 2 Simple Metals, a NIB Play, and this Play v2 here,
that must mean there were 6 printerbots, jeez even I can't even keep track of them.
Enough digression...the point of all this is my wants are leaning towards a Prusa Mk3s
and what's holding me back is....I don't really need one and already having too many printers.
Maybe winter 2018-19?

Fifth Day Of Spring 2019 Current Status
Designed & printed a wire strain relief on back side of X carriage,
 modified Y belt front attach point on bed to remove twist.
Less than happy with printed fan cooling duct as supplied (too low IMHO), recitified with file.
Currently sourcing a few piddly parts Printrbot neglectd to package....
Then need to wire and mount DIY LED, attach & square frame...
Not too enthused about the neodymium magnets on heated bed
as I suspect they have adverse effect on proximity sensor for Z probing.
We'll see.......
View of wires on underside of chassis after trimming the excess.
 Note the available space designed for a Raspberry Pi.
This was shown in original advertising with an optional Pi installed, however not wired.
I don't believe printrbot ever made it to that stage.
Buildtak Installed On Bed

Early April 2019 Ready for the z height adjustment and eprom modification for the Gearhead and bed dimensions.
Ended up using an F6 USB-B flashed for the Simple Metal sourced from Ubis.
The four alum. plate Z rod pockets which were waterjet cut at other than 90° with already tight tolerance needed attention.
Spent far too much time on that issue alone and when that happens
I've found it's better to set thangs aside and bask in what accomplishment can be found than to continue on.

Commandeered a Play spool holder and printed an adapter plate for hole alignment.
All seems well..unless one factors in that printrbot never shipped a spool holder with thi$ printer.
With the arrival of spring, 3d printer modification around here usually stalls out until fall.
This is now put away on a shelf.